Installation instructions for Golf Swing Replay Beta Testers

Launch AppStore

You can only download the Golf Swing Replay beta version via Apple's TestFlight.

Launch the AppStore & search for the TestFlight application.

Install TestFlight

Install TestFlight as you would with any other app.

Check your email on your iOS device

Once you are approved to become a beta tester, you will receive an email invitation from TestFlight that looks like the one shown here.

Tap 'View in TestFlight'.

Check your spam

If you can't find the email, make sure you check your spam/junk folder.

Install the Golf Swing Replay app

The Golf Swing Replay app should now appear on the list of applications you have access to beta test.

Tap 'Install'.

Install TestFlight on the second iOS device

Install TestFlight from the App Store and open the TestFlight app.

Golf Swing Replay should appear on the list of applications you have access to install.

If Golf Swing Replay doesn't appear, your second device may be using a different Apple ID.

Using two devices with different Apple IDs

If the second device uses a different Apple ID, you'll need to request access for that email address. Just let us know the secondary Apple ID email address and we will send an additional invite.

Start testing

Open Golf Swing Replay on both devices to start testing.